Our Lady of Pacita: Timeline


November 15, 1980

- Holding of the first mass in Pacita Complex I with a parachute tent forming the early makeshift chapel.


-          The Spring of Love Prayer Movement started in Pacita with Sis. Nene Hernandez as one of the initiators.

April 10, 1981

Formation of the first praesidium of the Legion of Mary with Bro. Pablo de Silva as president.

July 12, 1981

Formation of an Interim Pastoral Council with Pedro Guillen as president.

La Paz Investment & Development Corporation donated a 3000 square meters prime lot where the church was constructed.

November 15, 1981

Cornerstone-laying of the Sto. Rosario church.


-          Confraternity of Christian Doctrine was organized with Sis. Mary Rose Balientes as president.

-          Spring of Love Catholic Community organized on Pentecost Sunday of 1982.

March 1982

-          Completion of an improvised chapel.

April 25, 1982

-Appointment of Rev. Fr. Rey Amante as the Parish Administrator of Sto. Rosario Parish.

May 1982

-          Organization of the Catholic Women’s league (CWL) with Sis. Rose S. Celis as the charter President

May 5 1982

-          Formation of Apostleshop of prayer with Bro. Val “Tatang” Obedencio as first president.

May 28, 1982

-          Bro Pablo Tamesis and Sis. Rose Celis chosen as the First Grand Hermano and Grand Hermana.

May 29, 1982

-          Staging of the first Grand Santacruzan with Ms. Ma. Cristina S. Celis-Juevas as the 1st Emperatiz.

-          Sis Ma. Consuelo “Bebot” S. Celis as the first Reina Elena and Marlon de Silva as the escort.

August 22, 1982

-          Foundation-laying of the Sto. Rosario Parish church and the unveiling of the arhitect’s perspective for he church during the Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Blessing of the parish rectory.

December 1982

-          Formation of the first set of the Pastoral Council of the Laity with Pablo Tamesis as President.


-          Approval of the Blie-Print for the construction of the Sto. Rosario Parish church, presented to Rev. Msgr. Mar R.M. Castillo.

April 1983

-Holding of the first “Princesito and Princesita” manged by the CWL with Nikkia Junia as first Prencesita.

May 1983

-          Birth of the Spring of Love Catholic Community with couple Bro. Philip and Sis. Gio Opulencia and Bro. Pete Redito as organizers.

October 16, 1983

- Canonical Erection of the Sto. Rosario Parish.

- Installation of Rev. Msgr. Mar R.M. Castillo as the first Parish Priest of Sto. Rosario up to January 10, 1991. Sis. Beth Valencia-Omalin served as first secretary of the Parish Rectory up to the present.

- Organization of the Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion under Rev. Msgr. Mar R.M. Castillo, with Bro. Pabling de Silva as first president.

October 1983

-Holding of first “Mutya ng Pacita” activity by CWL with Ms. Enelyn “Bebeth” de Silva as first Mutya.

November 1983

-          Formation of the Junior CWL with Sis. Ma. Consuelo “Bebot” S. Celis as the first president.


Lent 1984

-          The Grand Staion of the Cross was introduced as a major Lenten activity and done on a yearly basis.

Easter Sunday 1984

-          Easter egg hunting was introduced by the CWL for the benefit of the young parishioners and became a yearly easter activity for the parish.

April 21, 1984

-          Formation of Archon with Myra Rinonos as the first president.

April 29, 1984

-          Formal establishment of Adoration norcturna Filipina (ANF) with Marshal Bandril as the first Jefe.

June 1984

-          Holding of the first Parish Convention.

September 9, 1984

-          Formation of the Sacred Beads Cursillo Team (SBCT) with Joe Monton as the first president.

October 21, 1984

-          First Grand Marian procession in Pacita featuring 24 images in regal carrozas.

October 28, 1984

-          Organization of the Pastoral Youth Council (PYC) with Ms. Enelyn “Bebeth” de Silva as the first president.


Street masses sponsored by pase level parishioners were launched.

March 1985

-          Organization of the Lectors and Commentators Guild (LGC) with Atty. Danny Beramo as first president.

May 11, 1985

-          Organization of the Mother Butlers’ Guild (MBG) with Sis. Nene Hernandez as the first president.

June 16, 1985

-          Formation of the Chois and Cantors Guild (CCG) with Sis. Sabel Ordona as the first president in tandem with Sis. Leonie Villanueva as vice-president.

September 8, 1985

-          Staging of the first Marian concert as tribute to the Blessed Mother on her 2000th birthday.

November 29, 1985

-          Formation of the Knights of Columbus- Kawanggawa council no. 9189 with Bro. Pablo T. Tamesis as the charter Grand Knight.

December 12, 1985

-          Banal na Pag-aaral (BNP) was organized in Pacita with Sis. Sylvia Cuevas as the first president.

-          Launching of “Christ Consciousnes Year.” His Eminence, Jaime Cardinal Sin graced the Sto. Rosario Parish with his first historic visit as a cardinal and presided over the launching of the “Christ Consciousness Year” and as main celebrant of the CCY mass.

-          Sto. Rosario Parish received a letter from the Vatican secretary of state conveying Pope John Paul II’s apostolic blessing and assurances of prayer for the Sto. Rosario Parish.

-          1986 was hailed to be as the golden year for Sto. Rosario Parish.

April 1986

-          Formation of “Katulong kay Kristo” (KKK) which focused on giving the lowly housemaids dignity and honor as servants of the Lord.

April 28, 1986

-          Ground-breaking of the belfry, a project under the learshop of the Knights of Columbus.

June 1986

-          First issue of the monthly “Simbahang Katoliko” an eight-paged newsletter. First of its kind in the diocese providing Pacitans with capsulized doctrinal insights and quick knowledge of Catholic dogmas and practices with Bro. Sonny Ordona as editor.

August 5, 1986

-          His Eminence Ricardo Cardinal Vidal celevrated mass on the feast of Transfiguration in pacita and personally congratulated Rev. Msgr. Mar R.M. Castillo for a very unique CCY parish program.

August 6, 1986

-          Formation of the Knights of Columbus Squires with Rainier Aguila as the first Chief Squire.

-          First canonical installation of Tarcisians by the ANF.

September 1986

-          Holding of the first cursillo class by the Sacred Beads Cursillo with Bro. Chris C. Gonzales as the rector.

December 6, 1986

-          Highpoint of 1986 Ccy celebration with the blessing and deication of the Sto. Rosario Parish church presided by His Excellency Bruno Torpigilliani, Papal Nuncio to the Philippines assisted by His Excellency, Pedro N. Bantigue, DD, Bishop of San Pablo and His Excellency, Gabriel Reyes, DD, Auxialliary Bishop, Diocese of Manila.

-          In line with the CCY Parish program, celebrity basketball players Robert “Sonny” Jaworski and Francis Arnaiz came to Pacita with the Ginebra Super Angels under the auspices of CWL to promote youth development program.


February 1987

-          Celebration of first mass at Baybay Tramo. Inauguration of the celebration of the Word of God without a priest kown as “Dry Mass.”

June 1987

-          Formal inauguration of the Devotion to Jesus and Divine Mercy with Don de Castro as Guest speaker under the management of CWL.

September 1987

-           Inauguration and blessing of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA) Chapel.

October 1987

-          Blessing and inauguration of Knights of Columbus Mortuary Chapel.

December 1987

-          Sto. Rosario Parish participated in the celebration of the National Eucharistic Congress.


August 15, 1988

-          Launching of International Marian year by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, designation Sto. Rosario Parish church as one of the pilgrim churches.

September 1988

-          Formation of the Angels of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Couples for Christ (CFC) organized in the same year.

October 1988

-          Ground-breaking of the Sto. Rosario Retreat Centre, convent and parish hall for the construction of the edifice later christened as St. Mary’s Hall initiated by the CWL.

-          Teatro Pacita was organized under the name Juniors Activity Club with Rommel Bermejo as president.


-          Establishment of the Apostles of Christ (ACT) registered with the SEC with Fiscal Jaime Santiago as the first president.


-          Juniors Activity Club was changed to Teatro Pacita under the stewardship of the late RR San Luis, who introduced varied performing arts activity to members.


-          Sto. Rosario Parish hosted the Mass of the Holy Chrism under the spritual direction of Rev. Msgr. Jose D. Barrion with the PPC President Rose S. Celis.


-          Rededication and blessing of the newly renovated Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA) chapel on the Feast of the Corpus Christi.

February 1993

-          First Parish Renewal Experience was formed.


-          The annual Diocesan Cursillo Thanksgiving and Reunion held in Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City.


-          El Shaddai was organized with Sis. Saling Escarda as coordinator.


Lenten 1996

-          Rev. Msgr. Jose D. Barrion first introduced Visita Iglesia as a major parish-wide activity.


-          Installation of the Monument to the Unborn Child which Msgr. Monching blest. Bro. Sonny Bismonte designed the monument.


-          Formation of the Mother of Perpetual Help Organization (MPHO) under the stewardship of Rev. Msgr. Monching Carillo with Sis. Arlyn Dela Cruz as founding president.


-          Sto. Rosario hosted the diocesan activity of Festival of Fathers.


-          Installation of Carillon bells, first in the Diocese of San Pablo.

-          Installation of the altar retablo donated by Sis. Aida Gerodias.


Lent 2004

-          Revival of street masses regularly held every second and fourth Fridays of the month.

September 2, 2004

-          Sto. Rosario Parish Pacita Complex Association, Inc. (SRPPCA) was formed under Rev. Msgr. Rey Agramon as Chairman and Bro. Mao B. Badiola as founding President with 15 Board of Trustees.


August 13, 2005

-          Sto. Rosario hosted the celebration of the National Vigil in honor of St. Tarcisius.

October 2005

-          PPC President Mao Badiola introduced street dancing competition among HS and college students from San Pedro and Biñan to make the fiesta celebration colorful.

December 2005

-          Introduction of “Light a Christmas Tree” as a parish-wide Christmas activity featuring a tall Christmas tree installed outside the church. PPC under Bro. Mao Badiola introduced Christmas gift-giving of a bagful of groceries with ham to selected 50 disadvantaged families.

-          Primus deus Cursillo Movement was organized, headed by Bro. Ben Rapadas. The installation of the 10 Commandments Table spearheaded by the said organization as well.

December 2006

-          Introduction of a novel ceremony under the auspices of the PPC President Bro. Mao Badiola.


September 2007

-          Introduction of the special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sto. Rosario throught the offering of her 50 images with the Holy Child Jesus after every mass for 50 consecutive days where 50 selected families are given the privilege to offer after every mass.

November 2007

The first Parish Finance Council (PFC) was organized by Rev. Fr. Mario P. Rivera with Bro. Mauro Badiola as Chairman.

December 12, 2007

-          Blessing of the Stations of the Cross at the church’s patio by His Excellency, Leo M. Drona, DD, Bishop of San Pablo, coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

December 2007

-          Creation of the Steward of Sto. Rosario Parish (SSRP)

-          SSRP-Kids was also introduced to promote the value of sharing and joy of giving for the young parishioners

-          Introducation of Light a Christmas Tree inside the church by selected sponsors.


March 2008

-          SRPPCA was changed to Sto. Rosario Parish Pacita Complex (STOPCOM) Foundation, Inc.

October 2008

-          Major renovation of the Sto. Rosario Parish church altar flooring and rablo in time for the celebration of its 25th Jubilee Anniversary with seven bishops celebrated in seven masses during the fiesta.

-          Construction of the first parish restrooms with state-of-the-art works facilities.

-          Culmination of the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the Sto. Rosario Parish jointly celebrated by the past and present parish priests.

December 2008

-          Launching of Meralco Foundation of the Church Category-Best Christmas Lighting and Decor Contest with Sto. Rosario Parish bagging the award.

-          Active youth leader Glenn Torrecampo introduced Pacita Idol Competition as one of the activities in 2008. Winners were determined through text voting.