History of Our Lady of Pacita


OUR LADY OF THE MOST HOLY ROSARY OF PACITA (shortened: Our Lady of Pacita) (Filipino: Ang Aming Mahal na Ina ng Kabanal-banalang Rosaryo ng Pacita, Spanish: Nuestra Señora del Santissimo Rosario de Pacita) is the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Christ, as the titular patroness of Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. It is similar to the universally known Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary title attributed to the Mother of God.

Our Lady of Pacita is an endearing title used by the local community to address Mary, the locality’s titular patroness. Our Lady of Pacita is a sobriquet interchangeably used with the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary to integrate a sense of belongingness of the community to the Blessed Mother and vice versa.

The icon of Our Lady of Pacita is a European-inspired wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus in her left arm. Similar to the other depictions of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the icon of Our Lady of Pacita is also garbed in a beautiful regalia (mostly of blue and white) and is adorned with the aureola, rostrillo, cetro, baston and corona imperial. The infant Jesus holds an orb and the Virgin’s Peaña dela Nubes (oval cloud base) has three cherubim. Her icon is enshrined and venerated at the retablo mayor of the Church of Santo Rosario in Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna.

The feast of Our Lady of Pacita is celebrated every third Sunday of October.



The magnificent four feet image of Our Lady was sculptured by Mr. Ignacio - a native of Paete, Laguna in 1982. It was Mrs. Delia Sanchez and Mrs. Fely Canta – both workers in the academe, who took efforts in gathering funds (after they have approached the Interim Pastoral Council and have its approval) for the carving of the said icon and the creation of its vestment and other embellishments.

A separate incident closely prior to the carving of the image was the sending of the request letter by the Campos Family – the Church prime land donor, addressing the council leaders to consider the Blessed Mother in the selection of the parish patron saint.

It is as if it was by divine providence that these two incidents took place at the time when the Interim-Pastoral Council headed by Bro. Pedro Guillen Jr. is in the process of discerning as to who will be the patron saint of the newly established and growing community. It was then that the people of Pacita started invoking Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary as their patroness and protectress.

Upon its arrival in Pacita, the icon was temporarily housed at the residence of the Cantas. It was later transferred through a procession to the make-shift chapel located at the site of the present church. The image was blessed by Rev. Fr. Rey Amante, the administrator of the would-be parish.

Coinciding with the canonical erection of the parish on October 16, 1983 is the official declaration of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Pacita as the patroness of the parish community.

From the year 1986 to 1997, the image of Our Lady was enshrined at the side veneration area of the church's sanctuary. It was on October 18, 1998 that the icon of the Virgin was transferred to and enthroned at the retablo mayor as seen today. Since the profile of Our Lady no longer matches her new throne, Her head together with the Child Jesus was slightly tilted downwards in the year 2000 so that the faithful venerating them could still see their loving gaze.


Written by Glenn Torrecampo

recorded facts and milestones that took place before the year 1994 are based on the historical accounts of Pedro Guillen Jr. and Fely Canta.